Trelleborg Tires drives sustainability in Agribusiness at GAFFFF

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Trelleborg Tires will be the only tire player present at the Global Agribusiness Festival (GAFFFF), the largest international agriculture gathering, taking place at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, from 27th to 28th of June.
  • Trelleborg Tires drives the Brazilian agricultural industry with its latest tire solutions improving productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability


  • From June 27th and 28th at Allianz Parque, TM1 ECO POWER tire will be present at GAFFFF, the largest agricultural festival in the world


Trelleborg Tires will be the only tire player present at the Global Agribusiness Festival (GAFFFF), the largest international agriculture gathering, taking place at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, from 27th to 28th of June.

GAFFFF will bring together leaders and technical experts from both public and private sectors for engaging debates on topics shaping the future of agribusiness, including climate change’s impact on agriculture, food security, new technologies, and market access.

For 30 years, Trelleborg Tires, a global leader in agricultural tires, has been committed to supporting Brazilian agribusiness with advanced and sustainable tire solutions. Featuring compounds made with recycled and natural materials and optimized tread designs, Trelleborg tires have played a pivotal role in enhancing crop yields and promoting sustainable agricultural practices across Brazil. In 2023 Trelleborg Tires was honored as the ‘Best Agricultural Tire’ by Brazil’s Visão Agro awards, reflecting its on-going commitment to innovation and its significant contribution to the Brazilian agricultural industry.

In response to the call for sustainable innovation in agriculture, Trelleborg Tires has engineered and manufactured the TM1 ECO POWER, its most sustainable tire ever, that will be on show in the big area of the Allianz Parque.

Developed with OE partner Fendt, the TM1 ECO POWER tire for both traditional and electric tractors, is made from 65% recycled and bio-based materials, outperforming and outlasting standard tires on road and hard soil. This tire solution uses sustainable engineering for significant savings in fuel and battery consumption on electric vehicles, delivering a 47% lower rolling resistance compared to other premium tires. Its innovative design and self-cleaning properties give 26% greater traction on hard terrain and 12% better operator comfort, setting a new tire standard for the future of agribusiness.

Marcelo Natalini, President of Yokohama TWS South America, remarks: "As Brazil progresses towards becoming a major global agricultural producer, Trelleborg Tires is playing a crucial role in this journey. Trelleborg’s advanced tire technology, innovative tread design, and soil-preserving solutions are empowering farmers to meet the challenges of modern agriculture. Trelleborg Tires has distinguished itself through a revolutionary approach to materials sourcing and manufacturing processes and is nowadays capable of delivering tire solutions that not only perform exceptionally but also reduce carbon emissions and environmental footprint significantly. By championing sustainability at every stage of the tire lifecycle, Trelleborg Tires is not only redefining industry standards but also reaffirming its commitment to creating a more sustainable world for generations to come.”

With technology and solid expertise as part of its DNA, Trelleborg Tires offers a wide range of high-performance tires and complete wheels for off-highway vehicles, with technologies such as VF (“Very High Flexion”) or ProgressiveTraction® ensuring high stability, self-cleaning, greater traction: all for more efficient performance and less soil compaction.


GAFFFF - Global Agribusiness Festival

Organized by DATAGRO, Organized by DATAGRO, GAFFFF expects to bring together 25,000 people over the two days of the festival. Attendees will visit exhibitors and explore content, agricultural equipment, implements, inputs, services, and initiatives focused on ESG (“Environmental, Social, Governance”) principles.

Guilherme Nastari, Director of DATAGRO, states that this year, the event features more than 50 companies, such as AgTechs and startups. These companies will present innovations to improve productivity and accelerate the evolution of the sector. “We aim to restore this connection between the field and the city, break the agribusiness bubble, and show urban society the true face of Brazilian agribusiness. We also want to highlight the importance of integrating family and business agriculture.” he says.

Trelleborg Tires, a supporter of the event, will bring its latest advanced tire solutions on show at the festival: “Adopting sustainable and innovative practices in daily operations is essential for companies to prosper and contribute positively to the planet and the population”, says Marcelo.

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